09 Jul 2014
Team Kit Launch... More Info

Hello Everyone,

We have now released our new Akuma Teamwear kit for QES sport on the link below. The kit is designed to meet the demands of the extra-curricular side of sport.

If you choose to buy the teamwear kit then you will be allowed to wear it for your PE lessons although the standard PE kit will continue to be supplied by Monkhouse available via the school website. I understand that many players have already committed to buying the school PE kit or the Teamwear kit last season which is fine and that will continue to be used for teams as we roll out for Year 7 and Seniors. Where a significant number of each team has purchased the new teamwear we will use it, and have a couple of spares for those that have not chosen to purchase the kit.

As we are now regularly changing at lunchtime, or leaving early to represent school within the County and Region or attending tournaments and touring we hope that you see the value in having a Team Uniform where everybody within that representation looks the same under the QES emblem. As a result, if we travel anywhere or change early then pupils will need to wear either their QES school uniform or their QES Teamkit to travel in.

We will have a kit fit session on Monday 18th August in school gym for anybody who is interested in buying/trying the kit. The times will be between 11.30 and 12.30 for Years 7, 8, 13.00 and 14.00 for 9 and 10 and 14.30 and 15.30 for Seniors. Alternatively you can use the attached order forms and complete with a cheque to QES recepetion. In terms of what kit to buy it does come down to personal preference however our suggestion would be to start with the playing kit and work from there. The majority of feedback we have had from parents praises the idea of having a tracksuit/ hoody to wear for weekend fixtures or travelling on the bus instead of wearing the school uniform.

If there are any concerns or questions or alternatively feedback that you would like to discuss with me about the kit then you can contact me as below.

Many thanks for your support!

D Williams



Link: http://www.qesklsport.com/downloads.asp?id=328